World Immunization Week 2019

Social Media Toolkit

Using evidence for advocacy: Visit the 2019 World Immunization Week social media toolkit! Explore our messages, graphics, and gifs illustrating how #VaccinesWork to keep us #ProtectedTogether. Topics include:

  • #ProtectedTogether: Herd immunity
  • #ProtectedTogether: Mothers and babies
  • #ProtectedTogether: Family-level economic protection
  • #ProtectedTogether: Country-level economic protection
  • #ProtectedTogether: Strengthening health systems

Download the IVAC VoICE WIW Social Media toolkit, with instructions to download animations.

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#ProtectedTogether: Herd immunity

Tweet 1a

Even unvaccinated kids are protected against rotavirus when coverage is high. @VoICE_Evidence #ProtectedTogether #VaccinesWork


Animated gif: Herd immunity from rotavirus vaccines keeps us protected together. Evidence from Latin America shows that herd immunity from children vaccinated against rotavirus can prevent nearly 25% of severe diarrhea cases in unvaccinated babies.

Tweet 1b

Children with cancer and those with weakened immune systems rely on vaccination and herd immunity for protection from vaccine-preventable diseases. Vaccines help ensure these kids are #ProtectedTogether! @VoICE_Evidence #VaccinesWork


Image with children, mothers, and older adults under umbrella that reads "immunization". Text reads: Children with cancer and other people with weakened immune systems, rely on vaccination and herd immunity to protect them from infection.

Tweet 1c

3 for 1 deal on preventing pneumococcal infections! #VaccinesWork #ProtectedTogether @VoICE_Evidence


In the US, for every 1 case of pneumococcal disease prevented in people who were vaccinated, nearly two more cases were averted in unvaccinated people through herd protection.


#ProtectedTogether: Mothers and babies

Tweet 2a

 Moms get vaccinated to protect themselves AND their children – before and after they are born #ProtectedTogether #VaccinesWork @VoICE_Evidence


Animated gif depicting pregnant mother and child being protected by vaccination of tetanus, influenza, and pertussis. Text reads: Maternal immunization is one of the best ways to stay #ProtectedTogether , protecting mom and her baby, both before and after the child is born.


Tweet 2b

Children of empowered Nigerian mothers more than twice as likely to be vaccinated. Empowerment means mothers and children are #ProtectedTogether. #VaccinesWork @VoICE_evidence


A group of mothers waiting to get their babies vaccinated at a health facility in Nigeria.


Tweet 2c

Empowering women can lead to greater vaccination rates among children. #ProtectedTogether #VaccinesWork @VoICE_Evidence


Two babies in Rwanda sitting on their mothers' laps, with one baby holding an immunization card.

#ProtectedTogether: Family-level economic protection

Tweet 3a

4.5 million cases of poverty prevented with… measles vaccine! Health and wealth #ProtectedTogether #VaccinesWork @VoICE_Evidence


Animated gif: In 41 Gavi-eligible countries, and at current coverage levels, measles vaccines will have prevented 4.5 million cases of poverty due to measles treatment costs between 2016 and 2030. Health and wealth are #ProtectedTogether through vaccines.


Tweet 3b

Costs to treat diarrhea push 160,000 Ethiopian families into poverty. Rotavirus vaccines, help health & wealth stay #ProtectedTogether. @VoICE_Evidence #VaccinesWork


Tweet 3c

Costs to treat pneumonia pushed 59,000 Ethiopian families into poverty in 2013. But now PCV and Hib vaccines help the health & wealth of Ethiopian families stay #ProtectedTogether. @VoICE_Evidence #VaccinesWork


Tweet 3d

#VoICE_Evidence: Costs to treat their child’s rotavirus infection were “catastrophic” for 1 in 3 Malaysian families. Vaccines ensure families’ health and wealth are #ProtectedTogether #VaccinesWork


#ProtectedTogether: Country-level economic protection

Tweet 4a

PREVENTED: 24 million cases of poverty due to medical expenses over 15 years in 41 countries. #VaccinesWork #ProtectedTogether  @Gavi @VoICE_Evidence


Image by Gavi: Healthcare costs push about 100 million people into poverty every year. Vaccines will prevent 24 million people in 41 countries from falling into the poverty trap.

Tweet 4b

Spend $1 on vaccines for the developing world and get a 16X return! Health & Wealth #ProtectedTogether thanks to #VaccinesWork. #VaccinesWork @VoICE_Evidence @Gavi


Image: Vaccinating the world's poorest children result in saving healthcare costs, lost wages, and productivity due to illness.

Tweet 4c

$544Billion in productivity losses and medical treatment costs averted in 73 Gavi countries thanks to vaccines. Health and wealth #ProtectedTogether! #VaccinesWork @VoICE_Evidence


Imgage: In the world's 73 poorest countries, vaccines will help save an estimated $544 billion in costs and productivity losses between 2011 and 2020. These savings are equivalent to one quarter of the 2017 GDP of the entire continent of Africa.


#ProtectedTogether: Strengthening health systems

Tweet 5a

Vaccines keep health systems healthy by preventing costly infections. #ProtectedTogether #VaccinesWork @VoICE_Evidence

Image with bar graph: Health and health systems. Treatment for a single patient hospitalized with a serious pneumococcal infection cost Gambian hospitals the equivalent of 2 to 4 times the country's annual per capita health budget. Preventing infections through vaccination not only averts suffering and improves health, but also conserves health systems resources to help more people.

Tweet 5b

#ProtectedTogether: In Kenya, rates of pneumonia hospitalizations in children <5 dropped by 27% after 4 years of PCV10. #VaccinesWork to reduce hospital admissions and free up more resources to treat and prevent other illnesses @VoICE_evidence


Download the animation HERE

Animated MP4: Use of the pneumococcal cojugate vaccine in Kenya reduced childhood hospitalizations by more than 25%. Fewer pneumonia hospitalizations mean which means more resources for other illnesses.

Tweet 5c

Bangladesh: no hospital bed available for 1 in 4 sick kids. Vaccines keep kids out of hospitals. Healthy kids, healthy health systems #ProtectedTogether #VaccinesWork @VoICE_Evidence


Tweet 5d

Keeping kids healthy with rotavirus vaccines eases the burden on hospitals and frees up resources for other patients. Health systems and children stay #ProtectedTogether #VaccinesWork @VoICE_Evidence


Download the animation HERE

Animated MP4: Use of the rotavirus vaccine reduced childhood hospitalizations by 67% in children under 5 and by 80% in children under 1. Fewer hospitalizations due to rotavirus mean more resources for other illnesses.