Evidence suggests that vaccinated children may have better cognitive function than unvaccinated children. – VoICE
Key Concept

Key Evidence: A 2019 analysis of survey data from India, Ethiopia and Vietnam found that children vaccinated against measles scored better on cognitive tests of language development, math and reading than children who did not receive measles vaccines.

Nandi A, Shet A, Behrman JR, et al. 2019. Anthropometric, cognitive, and schooling benefits of measles vaccination: Longitudinal cohort analysis in Ethiopia, India, and Vietnam. Vaccine. 37.
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Key Evidence: A small study from the Philippines, published in a Working Paper from Harvard University, found that children immunized with 6 basic vaccines scored better on three cognitive tests (verbal, mathematics and language) at age 11 compared to children who received none of these 6 vaccines.

Bloom, D.E., Canning, D., and Seiguerm E. 2011. The effect of vaccination on children’s physical and cognitive development in the Philippines. Harvard School of Public Health. Working paper.
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