In some cases, girls may reap a greater benefit from some vaccinations than boys. – VoICE
Key Concept

Key Evidence: A review of measles vaccination data found that female children experience substantially higher mortality risks from measles relative to male children and greater reductions in mortality with vaccination. In essence, vaccinating female children against measles provides them with the same survival chances as unvaccinated male children.

Koenig, M. A., Bishai, D., and Khan, M.A. 2001. Health interventions and health equity: the example of measles vaccination in Bangladesh. Population and Development Review. 27(2).
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Key Evidence: Across multiple studies reviewed, the effect of measles vaccine appears to be more beneficial to girls combating all-cause mortality when differences between vaccine effect in boys and girls was assessed.

World Health Organization, Strategic Advisory Group of Experts 2014. Systematic review of the non-specific effects of BCG, DTP and measles-containing vaccines.
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