VoICE Immunization Evidence: Health security

Key Concept

Key Evidence: In 2013 nearly all of the 175 cases of measles in the US could be traced back to international importations.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2014. Press release.

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Key Evidence: The humanitarian emergency in Venezuela, and resulting collapse of its primary health care infrastructure, has caused measles and diphtheria to reemerge — disproportionately affecting indigenous populations — and spread to neighboring countries. This sets the stage for the potential reemergence of polio. The re-establishment of measles as an endemic disease in Venezuela (with >5,500 confirmed cases) and its spread to neighboring countries threaten the measles-free status.

Paniz-Mondolfi AE, Tami A, Grillet ME et al. 2019. Resurgence of vaccine-preventable diseases in Venezuela as a regional public health threat in the Americas. Emerging Infectious Diseases. 25(4).

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