Vaccinations delivered in early infancy have high uptake, even where a large proportion of births occur outside of a medical facility. This early immunization moment provides an opportunity for critical newborn developmental screening. – VoICE
Key Concept

Key Evidence: A recent review looks at evidence linking vaccinations in early infancy to childhood development services. BCG and DPT have the highest coverage of any vaccines worldwide and are typically administered within 6 weeks of birth. This timing offers the opportunity to deliver a range of early childhood development interventions such as newborn hearing screening, sickle cell screening, treatment and surveillance, maternal education around key newborn care issues such as jaundice, and tracking early signs of poor growth and nutrition.

Olusanya, B.O. 2009. Optimising the use of routine immunisation clinics for early childhood development in sub-Saharan Africa. Vaccine. 27.
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