Vaccine-preventable diseases can cause children to miss time in school. Vaccination can help reduce school absenteeism. – VoICE
Key Concept

Key Evidence: The highly contagious varicella infections (chicken pox) cause children, on average, to miss 9 days of school. A highly effective varicella vaccine was introduced in the US in the mid-1990s.

From the VoICE editors: This study was conducted in 1987 in the US.

Sullivan-Bolyai J, Yin EK, Cox P, et al. 1987. Impact of chickenpox on households of healthy children. Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal. 6(1).
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Key Evidence: In a study of school-based influenza vaccination in Los Angeles County, California, children who were vaccinated missed significantly fewer days of school than children who were not (2.8 vs. 4.3 per 100 school days).

Pannaraj PS, Wang H-L, Rivas, et al. 2014. School-located influenza vaccination decreases laboratory-confirmed influenza and improves school attendance. Clinical Infectious Diseases. 59(3).
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