VoICE Immunization Evidence: Health security

Key Idea

Vaccines against yellow fever and cholera continue to be critical to managing outbreaks of disease and protecting national and international health security.

Andrus, J.K., Aguilera, X., Oliva, O., et al 2010. Global health security and the International Health Regulations. BMC Public Health. 10(Suppl1):S2.

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Conflict in the Eastern Mediterranean Region impacted health infrastructure and compromised the success of the region’s measles elimination goal. At the same time that rates of migration and displacement skyrocketed, the number of measles cases in the region doubled, from 10,072 cases in 2010 to 20,898 in 2015.  

Teleb N. and Hajjej R. 2017. Vaccine preventable diseases and immunization during humanitarian emergencies: challenges and lessons learned from the Eastern Mediterranean Region. East Mediterr Health J.. 22(11):775-777.

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