VoICE Immunization Evidence: Gender Inequity

Key Idea

Key Evidence: In a study in The Gambia – a setting where healthcare is free of charge to patients – pneumococcal disease nonetheless placed a heavy financial burden on families seeking treatment before arrival at the hospital, with families paying for transportation costs, drugs, diagnostic tests and even burial in the case of death. 50-80% of the cost of treating an episode of pneumococcal disease was born by the health system, which still left families to cover a cost up to 10 times their average daily household budget. In addition the estimated treatment cost for inpatient pneumonia of US$109 is nearly 4 times the annual per capita expenditure for health in The Gambia.

Usuf, E., Mackenzie, G., Sambou, S., et al 2016. The economic burden of childhood pneumococcal diseases in The Gambia. Effectiveness and Resource Allocation. 14:4.

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