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Children’s health in slum settings

Authored by: Unger, A.

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Key Concept

Key Evidence: Children in slums suffer from higher rates of diarrheal and respiratory illness, malnutrition, and have lower vaccination rates. Mothers residing in slums are more poorly educated and less likely to receive antenatal care and skilled birth assistance.

Key Concept

Key Evidence: Children in slum settings have higher burdens of vaccine-preventable disease (one study found children in slums in Manila, Philippines were 9 times more likely to have tuberculosis than other urban children) and lower rates of immunization (a study in Niger found 35% coverage in slums vs. 86% in non-slum urban areas).

Published In

Unger, A. 2013. Children’s health in slum settings. Archives of Disease in Childhood. 98(10):799-805.