Vaccine Resources

Vaccine Resources provides links to a variety of informational resources on vaccines and immunization. These resources provide important background information on a variety of vaccine and immunization related topics that are not captured in the searchable VoICE compendium. In this section you will find links to full text reports, maps, resource guides and policy recommendations housed on partner websites.

For answers to detailed questions on these resources, please contact the issuing organization. To request new resources be added to this section, please contact the VoICE editors at [email protected].

Disease burden estimates

This section contains global, regional, and country-level child disease burden and cause of death evidence. It also contains data from WHO Member States on vaccine-preventable disease cases and links to user-friendly disease burden visualizations.

Vaccine coverage estimates

Here we have global, regional, and country-level data on vaccine coverage for 15 childhood vaccines. Data are from annual official reports by WHO Member States and are the most current WHO/UNICEF estimates. The data are reported through the WHO/UNICEF Joint Reporting Form and the WHO Regional offices.

Global vaccine recommendations and schedules

Here you can find country-specific immunization schedules and the WHO-recommended schedules, as well as the WHO positions and recommendations for each vaccine-preventable disease.

Background information on vaccine-preventable diseases

This section contains comprehensive information on vaccine-preventable diseases and their respective vaccines. This information is provided by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Global programs and reports

Here, we compiled a list of global reports and links to disease-specific programs that might provide helpful background information on immunization programs.

Additional Resources