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For every $1 invested in vaccines in Gavi-supported countries there is a return of investment of up to $54. 

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Featured Issues

  • Infographic illustration of climate change impacts to human health

    A Warming World Means Vaccination is More Important Than Ever

    “The climate crisis threatens to undo the last fifty years of progress in development, global health, and poverty reduction, and to further widen existing health inequalities between and within populations.”1 With July 2023 confirmed as the hottest month on record2, the impacts of climate change are becoming impossible to ignore. In addition to rising temperatures,…

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  • The Other Pandemic: The Promise of TB Vaccines

    What disease has infected millions of people, killing an estimated 1.5 million people a year, without drawing a fraction of the attention of the COVID-19 pandemic? The answer is tuberculosis (TB). New, more effective vaccines are needed to reduce the morbidity and mortality of TB, fight the rising threat of AMR, and address inequities in…

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  • Breaking the Barriers: How Gender Equity Advances Immunization

    The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted and exacerbated existing global gender inequities that impact the accessibility of immunizations to women and children worldwide, influencing their access to health services, education, and economic opportunities. Gender-related inequities contribute to barriers to immunization for people of all genders. Although girls and boys in most settings are equally likely to…

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  • Why Rotavirus Vaccine Introduction in Nigeria is a Milestone for Child Health

    In August 2022, Nigeria became the most recent country to introduce the rotavirus vaccine into its national immunization program. The integration of the rotavirus vaccine into Nigeria’s routine immunization schedule is expected to help reduce at least 40% of morbidity and mortality associated with rotavirus infections amongst children. Key Points Diarrheal diseases are one of…

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  • Leaving No Child Behind: Zero-Dose and UHC

    December 12th is recognized worldwide as Universal Health Coverage (UHC) day. Universal health coverage “ensures all people, everywhere, can get the quality health services they need without financial hardship.” Equity is at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goal target 3.8, which seeks to achieve universal health coverage and financial risk protection for all. Immunization…

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  • HPV Vaccines: New Momentum in Eliminating Cervical Cancer

    In August of 2020, the World Health Assembly adopted the global strategy to accelerate the elimination of cervical cancer as a public health problem. Vaccines against the human papillomavirus (HPV) can prevent the vast majority of the world’s 570,000 annual cases of cervical cancer. Increasing access to the HPV vaccine, as well as screening and…

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  • Maternal Immunization: Protected Together

    Maternal immunization is a promising strategy for protecting mothers, the developing fetus, and young infants during a particularly vulnerable time in their lives – especially in low- and middle-income countries where morbidity and mortality among women and their children is high. During pregnancy, vaccines allow antibodies from the mother to cross into the placenta, protecting…

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Immunization Advocacy

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