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Children living in slum conditions have greater risk of illness and less access to immunization

Children in slum settings have higher burdens of vaccine-preventable disease (one study found children in slums in Manila, Philippines were 9 times more likely to have tuberculosis than other urban children) and lower rates of immunization (a study in Niger found 35% coverage in slums vs. 86% in non-slum urban areas).

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Unger, A.. 2013. Children’s health in slum settings. Archives of Disease in Childhood. 98(10).

Title of Article: Children’s health in slum settings

Author(s): Unger, A.

Publication Year: 2013

Publication Name: Archives of Disease in Childhood

Publication Volume: 98(10)

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Topics: Equity

Disease Vaccines: Diarrhea | Pneumonia | Tuberculosis/BCG

Immunization Terms: Geographic equity

Countries: Global