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Children with critical pertussis have lower scores in language, cognitive, and motor development, highlighting the importance of immunization

More than one-third of children under one year of age in a US study, admitted to a pediatric intensive care unit for critical pertussis had significantly abnormal scores on the Mullen Scales of Early Learning, especially in the area of language development. These children also had a significantly lower mean score for all areas of the test, including cognitive and motor development. This indicates the need for routine neuro-development screening of child survivors of critical pertussis.

The Mullen Scales of Early Learning assesses cognitive and motor development [Gross Motor, Visual Reception, Fine Motor, Expressive Language, and Receptive Language] in children. The Mullen test is generally used for evaluating intellectual development and readiness for school.

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Berger JT, Villalobos ME, Clark AE et al.. 2018. Cognitive development one year after infantile critical pertussis. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. 19(2).

Title of Article: Cognitive development one year after infantile critical pertussis

Author(s): Berger JT, Villalobos ME, Clark AE et al.

Publication Year: 2018

Publication Name: Pediatric Critical Care Medicine

Publication Volume: 19(2)

Publication Source URL:

DOI (Digital Object Identifier): 10.1097/PCC.0000000000001367

Topics: Cognition & Schooling

Disease Vaccines: Pertussis

Countries: United States

WHO Regions: Americas