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Diarrhea and respiratory infections are associated with physical stunting in children

A large longitudinal study in the Philippines found that children suffering bouts of diarrhea and respiratory infections were at a significantly increased risk of physical stunting which is associated with “poor functional outcomes such as impaired cognitive development.”

Full Citation:
Adair, L.S. and Guilkey, D.K.. 1997. Age-specific determinants of stunting in Filipino children. The Journal of Nutrition. 127.

Title of Article: Age-specific determinants of stunting in Filipino children

Author(s): Adair, L.S. and Guilkey, D.K.

Publication Year: 1997

Publication Name: The Journal of Nutrition

Publication Volume: 127

Publication Source URL:

DOI (Digital Object Identifier): 10.1093/jn/127.2.314

Topics: Cognition & Schooling

Disease Vaccines: Diarrhea | Pneumonia

Countries: Philippines

WHO Regions: Western Pacific