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Immunization campaigns against measles and rubella have improved routine immunization systems and disease prevention measures

A survey of 23 countries in all WHO regions found that activities to eliminate measles and rubella, including vaccination campaigns, have strengthened the countries’ overall routine immunization systems in a number of ways. These include microplanning that led to revised catchment populations and denominators for target-age children, expansion of cold chain systems that extended the reach of immunization, strengthening of surveillance and of outbreak preparedness and response for vaccine-preventable and other diseases.

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Biellik RJ, Orenstein WA. 2018. Strengthening routine immunization through measles-rubella elimination. Vaccine. 36(37).

Title of Article: Strengthening routine immunization through measles-rubella elimination

Author(s): Biellik RJ, Orenstein WA

Publication Year: 2018

Publication Name: Vaccine

Publication Volume: 36(37)

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Topics: Health System Strengthening

Disease Vaccines: Measles | Rubella

Countries: Global