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Vaccination provides additional protection for children who are HIV positive, protecting them from preventable infections

A review of evidence for the use of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in South Africa showed that children who are HIV positive are at significantly increased risk of pneumococcal disease, and so will benefit the most from vaccination, despite decreased vaccine efficacy in this group compared to healthy children.

Full Citation:
Zar, H.J. and Madhi, S.A.. 2008. Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine – a health priority. South African Medical Journal. 98(6).

Title of Article: Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine – a health priority

Author(s): Zar, H.J. and Madhi, S.A.

Publication Year: 2008

Publication Name: South African Medical Journal

Publication Volume: 98(6)

Publication Source URL:

DOI (Digital Object Identifier): PMID: 18683380

Topics: Health

Disease Vaccines: Pneumococcal disease/PCV/PPSV | Pneumonia

Countries: South Africa

WHO Regions: Africa