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Vaccine-preventable diseases can leave children with life-long health issues, exacerbating family financial hardships

Among families participating in a study in Western Cape, South Africa, 35% of mothers who were previously employed stopped working to care for children who had survived tuberculosis meningitis resulting in permanent disabilities. 19% of families reported experiencing financial loss as a result of caring for these disabled children.

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Krauss-Mars, A.H., and Lachman, P.I.. 1992. Social factors associated with tuberculosis meningitis. South African Medical Journal. 81(1).

Title of Article: Social factors associated with tuberculosis meningitis

Author(s): Krauss-Mars, A.H., and Lachman, P.I.

Publication Year: 1992

Publication Name: South African Medical Journal

Publication Volume: 81(1)

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Topics: Economics & Return on Investment

Disease Vaccines: Meningitis | Tuberculosis/BCG

Countries: South Africa

WHO Regions: Africa