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Immunization with rotavirus vaccine may also reduce severe gastroenteritis cases in unimmunized children through herd immunity

A meta-analysis of studies measuring the impact of rotavirus vaccine (RVV) on severe gastroenteritis morbidity and mortality, found a 22% herd immunity effect for severe rotavirus gastroenteritis in children less than one year of age in US and El Salvador.  In Latin America, severe gastroenteritis due to any cause was reduced by 25%.

Pollard, S.L., Malpica-Llanos, T., Friberg, I.K., et al.. 2015. Estimating the herd immunity effect of rotavirus vaccine. Vaccine. 33(32).

Immunization against rotavirus has led to significant decreases in hospital admissions and gastroenteritis cases

Several countries have seen a significant decrease in the number of rotavirus-related hospital admissions in rotavirus unvaccinated children ages 2-5 years who were not age eligible to receive the vaccine post introduction. The US had a 41-92% decrease, Australia had a 30-70% decrease, Belgium had a 20-64% decrease, Austria had a 35% reduction and El Salvador had a 41-81% decrease. In addition, there was a reduction in hospitalizations due to gastroenteritis of any cause by 17-51% in the US and 40% in Australia.

Patel, M.M., Glass, R., Desai, R., et al.. 2012. Fulfilling the promise of rotavirus vaccines: how far have we come since licensure?. Lancet Infectious Diseases. 12(7).