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World Immunization Week 2019

April 10, 2019

Social Media Toolkit

Using evidence for advocacy: Visit the 2019 World Immunization Week social media toolkit! Explore our messages, graphics, and gifs illustrating how #VaccinesWork to keep us #ProtectedTogether. Topics include:

  • #ProtectedTogether: Herd immunity
  • #ProtectedTogether: Mothers and babies
  • #ProtectedTogether: Family-level economic protection
  • #ProtectedTogether: Country-level economic protection
  • #ProtectedTogether: Strengthening health systems

Download the IVAC VoICE WIW Social Media toolkit, with instructions to download animations.

Access all of the materials in this folder.

#ProtectedTogether: Herd immunity

Tweet 1a

Even unvaccinated kids are protected against rotavirus when coverage is high. @VoICE_Evidence #ProtectedTogether #VaccinesWork

Tweet 1b

Children with cancer and those with weakened immune systems rely on vaccination and herd immunity for protection from vaccine-preventable diseases. Vaccines help ensure these kids are #ProtectedTogether! @VoICE_Evidence #VaccinesWork

Tweet 1c

3 for 1 deal on preventing pneumococcal infections! #VaccinesWork #ProtectedTogether @VoICE_Evidence

#ProtectedTogether: Mothers and babies

Tweet 2a

Moms get vaccinated to protect themselves AND their children – before and after they are born #ProtectedTogether #VaccinesWork @VoICE_Evidence

#protectedTogether Gif

Tweet 2b

Children of empowered Nigerian mothers more than twice as likely to be vaccinated. Empowerment means mothers and children are #ProtectedTogether. #VaccinesWork @VoICE_evidence

Mothers holding their children

Tweet 2c

Empowering women can lead to greater vaccination rates among children. #ProtectedTogether #VaccinesWork @VoICE_Evidence

Mothers holding their children

#ProtectedTogether: Family-level economic protection

Tweet 3a

4.5 million cases of poverty prevented with… measles vaccine! Health and wealth #ProtectedTogether #VaccinesWork @VoICE_Evidence

Measles vaccination protects health and wealth

Tweet 3b

Costs to treat diarrhea push 160,000 Ethiopian families into poverty. Rotavirus vaccines, help health & wealth stay #ProtectedTogether. @VoICE_Evidence #VaccinesWork

vaccines helps health and wealth

Tweet 3c

Costs to treat pneumonia pushed 59,000 Ethiopian families into poverty in 2013. But now PCV and Hib vaccines help the health & wealth of Ethiopian families stay #ProtectedTogether. @VoICE_Evidence #VaccinesWork

Tweet 3d

#VoICE_Evidence: Costs to treat their child’s rotavirus infection were “catastrophic” for 1 in 3 Malaysian families. Vaccines ensure families’ health and wealth are #ProtectedTogether #VaccinesWork

#ProtectedTogether: Country-level economic protection

Tweet 4a

PREVENTED: 24 million cases of poverty due to medical expenses over 15 years in 41 countries. #VaccinesWork #ProtectedTogether  @Gavi @VoICE_Evidence


Tweet 4b

Spend $1 on vaccines for the developing world and get a 16X return! Health & Wealth #ProtectedTogether thanks to #VaccinesWork. #VaccinesWork @VoICE_Evidence @Gavi


Tweet 4c

$544Billion in productivity losses and medical treatment costs averted in 73 Gavi countries thanks to vaccines. Health and wealth #ProtectedTogether! #VaccinesWork @VoICE_Evidence

#ProtectedTogether: Strengthening health systems

Tweet 5a

Vaccines keep health systems healthy by preventing costly infections. #ProtectedTogether #VaccinesWork @VoICE_Evidence

Tweet 5b

#ProtectedTogether: In Kenya, rates of pneumonia hospitalizations in children <5 dropped by 27% after 4 years of PCV10. #VaccinesWork to reduce hospital admissions and free up more resources to treat and prevent other illnesses @VoICE_evidence


Tweet 5c

Bangladesh: no hospital bed available for 1 in 4 sick kids. Vaccines keep kids out of hospitals. Healthy kids, healthy health systems #ProtectedTogether #VaccinesWork @VoICE_Evidence

Tweet 5d

Keeping kids healthy with rotavirus vaccines eases the burden on hospitals and frees up resources for other patients. Health systems and children stay #ProtectedTogether #VaccinesWork @VoICE_Evidence

Download Animation HERE